incit-e 2019夏 @浦安

ラビンドラナート・タゴール 詩・山室 静 訳
元川威夫 曲

  • 世界よ、私が少年だった時
  • あなたは誰だ
  • 日は輝き、雨は驟雨となって
  • 目の前には平和の大洋が

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As a firs atempt, we Spia and aedi Tokyo participates in Composiesta, concert that premieres works by composers.

March 31, 2019
Sumida Triphony Small Hall

Title Composer Poet
From "Eternal Colors" Takao Motokawa R. Tagore, Translated by Shizuka Yamamuro

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Spia and aedificatores Tokyo will participate in Hanayome Ningyo Chorus Competition, held in Shibata City, Niigata.

October 21, 2018
21st National Hanayome Ningyo Chorus Competition

Performance by Spia
Title Composer Poet
Hanayome Ningyo (a cappella) Music by Haseo S...

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Clamocordis participates in Tokyo Chorus Competition.

September 18, 2018
73rd Tokyo Chorus Competition
Bunkyo Civic Hall
Conductor: Yasunari TOMIMOTO

Title Composer Poet
G1 Agnus Dei (From "Mass for Four Voices") William Byrd Liturgy
Karati šimcha Adonahi mibo...

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For the year 2018, Clamocordis is made up not only with Spia and aedificatores Tokyo, but also with members who are interested to join the choir for a limited period. We will participate in Tokyo Chorus Competition, Mixed Choir category. Details are as follows. If you are interested, we are eager to...

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